Our Story

In 1KGH_Morn1885, Miss Florence Bird, a 23-year-old British nurse arrived in India. She met the needs of many by starting a small clinic in Kollegal—144 km south of Bangalore; 30 hours by bullock cart, but only 3 hours by car, today.

In 1887, she rescued 150 Gujarati girls from the terrible famine that gripped north India.Fifty died on the long journey to Kollegal. A group of British gold miners gifted 17 acres of land and the Kollegal Girls’ Home began. Over the last 128 years, many hundreds of destitute girls have been raised, educated, given the gospel, and established good Christian families.

By early 1900’s, a primary school was flourishing. In 2003, in memory of our founder,the Bird Memorial Kannada High School opened. In 2015, in memory of and in thankfulness to the many who spent their lives for the destitute girls in and around Kollegal, we built a new English High School.

Today, over 129 years since its humble beginnings, Kollegal Girls’ Home remains committed to serving the community and facilitating the transformation of young lives in all spheres.